Camp & Cook

In search of the perfect camping partner? Look no further than the CampStove 2 system from BioLite, now available through Rymax. You can grill, boil, cook and charge electronics with this fully integrated system. Generate electricity from smokeless wood flames and cook meals on site with the lightweight portable grill and KettlePot attachments. With a BPA-free plastic cover that also doubles as a plate or cutting board, you have all you need for the perfect camping experience.

Rymax: 866-RYMAX-11

Find Your Shot

The LiteWave™ rangefinder emits a laser beam that is invisible and safe to the eyes. The LiteWave™ then calculates distances by measuring the time it takes for the laser to travel from the rangefinder to the target and back again. The LiteWave™ rangefinder operates in three modes and is accurate to within 1 yard in most cases. The effective operating range is from a minimum of 5 yards to a maximum of 650 yards. The LiteWave™ rangefinder features a tripod mount located on the bottom of the unit to easily attach to any standard tripod. Also includes carry case, strap and Lithium battery.

Carson Optical: 631-963-5000

Pitch It Quick

The Eureka Apex 3XT is perfect for lightning fast setups after long, slow hikes. Near-instantaneous setup pays big dividends when it's getting dark on the trail. Sleeping and lounging are more comfortable with big dual vestibules, dual windows and maxed out interior space. The secret to speed and space is the freestanding frame that's shock-corded to the speed hub. The hub allows for a modified dome shape with steeper walls and more efficient use of the footprint. The Apex 3XT tent is the ideal entry to a full-featured backpacking tent.

Zanes: 203-483-2622

Surprise a Skater

This 40-inch by 9-inch 7-ply Full Canadian Maple Longboard with Step Through Drop Down Deck features a concave deck with Monster Mashup themed graphics. Other features include: 7-inch heavy-duty polished trucks and bases; 76-mm by 53-mm polyurethane cast wheels, ABEC-9 bearings for high-speed riding; heavy-duty grip tape; and formaldehyde-free wood. AS™ and CPSC compliant.

Bike USA: 972-839-9254

Go Farther

A radical departure from traditional driver-face design, TaylorMade Twist Face is engineered to take you farther and straighter—right down the center of the fairway. Twist Face presents a revolutionary new face curvature with a corrective face angle on off-center hits, engineered to reduce side spin and deliver straighter shots. By providing more loft in the high-toe and less loft in the low-heel, this groundbreaking technology produces more consistent side spin in the areas where golfers commonly mis-hit. Try the TaylorMade M4 and you'll never go back to the untwisted world of drivers.

Pro Am Golf: 800-746-5383

Carry On

The KYSEK Trekker Backpack Ice Chest is a durable, leak-proof and tough soft bag backpack. The two extra-cushioned straps make it comfortable to carry while trekking to the game, on a hike or at the festival. It features a waterproof zipper, wide-mouth top, rawhide skin, front zipper pocket, top-side flex rope and latch guard buckles. Holds 24 cans.

Top Brands: 800-431-2127

Run. Cycle. Cross. Row.

As a leading innovator in the fitness market since the 1960s, Tunturi is bringing its simple and beautiful machines into the comfort and safety of your own home or office. Tunturi products offer an effective workout while making it fun. Almost all of the Tunturi models can be connected to your tablet or smartphone. Whether you are new to the fitness game or an elite athlete, there is a Tunturi machine that will match your fitness level.

Cycle Force: 515-232-0277

A Quick Match

The portable Zume Pickleball sets up on any surface in seconds for an instant Pickleball match. Anyone can carry it—anyone can play it. Ultra-quick setup and takedown. Ideal for building skills and having fun. Includes: two wood pickleball paddles, two pickleballs, 12-foot net kit, carry case and how-to-play guide.

Incentive Concepts: 888-862-9283