Breaking New Ground

Bulova's groundbreaking debut of the world's first curved chronograph movement, the Bulova CURV collection, advances technical engineering with a sleek ergonomic design and a slim case previously not achieved in a chronograph movement. The Bulova CURV is engineered to perfection with a first-ever curved chronograph movement and a high-performance quartz movement that vibrates at 262kHz frequency for precise accuracy. On the outside, Bulova's applied design technology makes an aerodynamic statement with a refined, contoured simplicity that exactly follows the wrist. The new 12-piece CURV collection offers a striking series of dress and sports watches. The hero piece is the touchstones style, featuring an exhibition caseback and see-through dial with titanium and steel case with a black strap in rugged leather.

Bulova: 800-228-5682

Take a Spin

The Stradic C14+ Lightweight High Quality Performance Spinning Reel is designed for ultra-finesse fishing, using lightweight fluorocarbon, braided or monofilament lines. Equipped with 6+1 stainless ball bearings, it has a max drag range from 7 to 20 pounds (varies by model), includes X-Ship, which makes the handle easier to turn with or without a load, and retrieves 29 to 37 inches (varies by model) of line per crank.


Journal in Style

Bugatti's stylish leather journal, available through Incentive Concepts, features Colombian leather and a snap tab closure. Pen loop and card slot keep necessities handy. Hard cover book is included.

Incentive Concepts: 888-862-9283

Simply Tasteful

The new Peugeot Whisky Set—with a uniquely shaped glass, metal chilling base and leatherette coaster—was specially designed to bring out the best in whiskeys and spirits such as cognac and Armagnac. The mouth-blown glass is tapered with a narrow top for properly nosing the whiskey before sipping. The metal chilling base cools the spirit for at least 30 minutes without the use of ice and without a temperature shock that would inhibit the release of the scents. The handsome black leatherette coaster completes the set, which would make a welcome gift for anyone who appreciates whiskey or spirits.


A Mighty Pen

Faber Castell's Classic Anello is an eye-catching fountain pen made with a two-toned 18K gold nib and practical cartridge/converter system. The fine rings link the individual segments of the barrel, giving the series its name, "Anello," the Italian word for ring. The barrel consists of several segments made of either precious resin, titanium or ebony with fine platinum plated rings between them. Its fascinating contrasts and noble materials distinguish the different Classic Anello models, which include the Fountain Pen, Rollerball Pen, Propelling Pencil with replaceable rubber under the cap and the Ballpoint Pen, each designed to captivate the naked eye. High-gloss platinum-plated surface covers the cap, end piece and spring-loaded clip, giving the Anello the ultimate touch of perfection.

Rymax Marketing Services Inc.: 866-889-4795

Power Tote

Nothing says "functional" like a tote bag with an integrated tech solution. With the Chic Buds Totel Power, you can pack all your essentials and more in a stylishly crafted tote that simultaneously charges your phone or tablet. The intricately designed interior phone charging pocket makes it easy to take your power on the go. Compatible with smartphones and USB devices, Totel Power provides more than two full charges to smartphones. Simply plug the charging cable that came with your phone into the battery and charge away. It is made of vegan leather and features a structured shape, thin shoulder straps with stitched detail, one interior zip pocket, a 5000 mAh battery, and a tassel charm with a hidden micro USB cable.

Top Brands: 800-431-2127