Power Up

The versatile QFX 7-inch Android Tablet Bluetooth® Keyboard and cover will revolutionize the way you use your iPad mini or Android tablets. Integrated Bluetooth® connectivity provides instant access between the keyboard and your tablet, while a rechargeable lithium ion battery ensures it will last long enough for every use. A universal fit allows for compatibility with nearly any 7-inch tablet.

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Charge It!

Trying to remember where you left your charger? No good place to charge your phone? The new Teleport caddy stores your charger by day and opens into a phone charging station by night. Designed to save space and cut clutter, the Teleport uses the charger plug to hang from the wall socket. Phones, digital cameras or MP3 players can have a safe haven off the floor and away from sinks. Made of soft silicone, the Teleport packs easily and is bright so it won't get left behind.

Talus Corp.: 800-634-8180

Cook Something Up

The Le Cordon Bleu line of ovenware from Swissmar carries on the French tradition of the world's premier culinary arts institute. Beautiful French-made dishes to prepare, cook, serve and store your meals. They are freezer-, oven-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Made of Ceramolin—an exclusive blend of super-fine, professional-grade ceramic clay from the renowned Limoges region. Ultra strong, scratch-resistant glaze makes cleaning easy. Comes in different colors, sizes and shapes to meet your needs.

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Easy Tracking

StickR TrackR allows you to easily find items using the app distance indicator. The TrackR device beeps to help you find your things. Receive GPS updates of where your items are located using the Crowd GPS. Ring a misplaced smartphone with the TrackR device button, even when the smartphone is on silent. The two-way alert prevents you from leaving your items or smart device behind. No need to recharge—TrackR runs on a replaceable battery that can last up to one year with proper use.

Phone Halo: 2

In the Stream

The Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI® version) streams the most entertainment to your TV. Choose from 1,000-plus channels and 31,000-plus movies, with more added all the time. Cast Netflix, Youtube and personal media from your smartphone or tablet to your TV. Control it with the included remote or from your mobile device.

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