Power Up

Reward the do-it-yourselfer with Hitachi's new microprocessor-managed Brushless power tools. The Hitachi Brushless power tools line offers increased battery life, durability and a higher power-to-weight ratio. The Brushless motor is controlled by a microprocessor chip located in the handle, allowing up to four speeds for outstanding precision. Top Brands offers these super-efficient power tools in attractive custom packages to ensure maximum value.

Top Brands: 800-431-2127


The KettlePizza Basic is a pizza oven conversion kit for 18.5 and 22.5-inch charcoal kettle grills. Everyone wants to cook a pizza on their grill, but traditional grills are not suited for cooking pizza. Pizza needs high heat and constant temperature to cook properly. KettlePizza designed a stainless steel sleeve that fits between the kettle grill bottom and top, creating a cooking chamber.

Kettle Pizza: 888-205-1931

Be an Artist

Pack it. Pull it. Shape it. Love it. You have to feel it to believe it. Brookstone introduces Sånd, the most amazing stuff you'll ever get your hands on. Unlike regular beach or play sand, Sånd has hidden properties that make it soft and stretchy, perfect for play or relaxation. Plus, it won't make a mess (really, it won't), and it never dries out. Made from 98 percent sand and 2 percent non-toxic polymer, it has all the ingredients you need for 100 percent fun for the entire family.

Brookstone: 603-577-8134

Catch Some Rays

SPY's happy disrespect for the usual way of looking (at life) helps drive them to design, market and distribute premium sunglass and snow goggles for people who live to be outdoors. SPY's innovative "HAPPY" Lens is a patent-pending lens technology designed to maximize the transmission of the sun's "good" rays while still blocking out the "bad" rays (UV and short-wave blue light). Their premium product Collections are intuitively designed to combine both fashion and function, inspired by our collective passions for quality design, music, art and the outdoors.

TMS – High Performance Sales: 949-488-0389

Clip In

Whether you're climbing a mountain or walking to class, this portable device is the perfect companion. The ION Clipster Portable Speaker boasts integrated Bluetooth® connectivity and versatile clip design for any adventure. Built-in volume controls allow for customized sound while the device's built-in rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting use. No matter the journey, navigate without worry and to the sound of your favorite tunes.

Rymax Marketing Services Inc.: 866-889-4795

Viewing Pleasure

Enjoy The Creative Life with TCL model LE50UHDE5691. This 50-inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz edge-lit LED TV delivers a complete home theater experience with its large display, exquisite Ultra High Definition picture quality, and sophisticated slim frame design. Whether wall-mounted like a piece of art or sitting on its elegant glass base, this flat-screen LED Ultra HDTV features Ultra High Definition 4K resolution. With an advanced 120Hz refresh rate, fast-moving sports and action scenes are displayed with clarity and smoothness, and the 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio provides brilliant color and contrast.

TMS – High Performance Sales: 843-406-9460