It is Tumi's mission and philosophy to create bags that are true extensions of the human form. Each piece is taking a step toward the goal of perfection. Consciously designed and detailed to achieve effortless navigation through our world. Constantly evolving and growing to increase your potential. This commitment has made Tumi the brand of choice among today's traveling professionals. And it is what makes Tumi the ideal corporate gift or prestige incentive for your most important clients. There is no better way to reward excellence than with excellence.

Tumi: 800-669-3181

Rymax Marketing Services Inc.

Rymax Marketing Services Inc. is the largest manufacturer's representative in the incentive industry, providing quality brand-name merchandise at factory-direct pricing to a variety of industries worldwide. In addition to supplying merchandise rewards for recognition and loyalty programs, promotions and corporate gifts, Rymax designs and manages comprehensive incentive solutions and events to help companies achieve their goals through motivating employees and driving customer loyalty.

Rymax Marketing Services Inc.: 866-889-4795

Sony Electronics

Improving performance in sales and non-sales can provide your business with a competitive edge. Sony Electronics Inc. understands this principle, and its premium incentive sales group has been dedicated to it for decades, aided by the strength of its products and its unbeatable reputation. Sony can help you put together a program that works. For a flexible, turnkey system, The Sony Collection combines the motivational power of Sony electronics with the ability to produce custom incentive programs on demand, using your own company logos.

Sony Electronics: 866-596-4823

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks® is a leading producer of gourmet food in the United States. Omaha Steaks' incentive programs and gift cards harness this brand and product to help you meet your sales objectives and corporate gifting needs. Reward your customers and employees with world-famous steaks, burgers, seafood, poultry, side dishes, desserts and more. Implementation of Omaha Steaks' programs is easy, and the results are proven.

Omaha Steaks: 800-228-2480