Take It Inside

Turn your bike into more than a fair-weather friend with the CycleOps’ Mag+ Trainer. The perfect solution for when it’s too cold, wet or dark to ride outside. It uses magnetic fields to generate a wide range of adjustable resistance, perfect for cyclists determined to stay in shape year round. Its unique design incorporates a flywheel for an unbeatably smooth and quiet ride. Choose from five resistance settings for varied workouts. Plus, the bar-mounted remote shifter means you never break your cadence.

Zane’s: 203-483-2622

Train Right

A unique and versatile total-body training tool that helps develop muscular strength, endurance, power, stability and joint integrity, the Xerball® Medicine Ball is color-coded and features a new Easy-Grip textured surface. The Xerball’s high rubber content allows for a better bounce while the ultra-thick walls provide added durability. The Xerball is a great tool for everything from general fitness to intense sports training. Xerball is available in weights ranging from 2 to 25 pounds.

Rymax Marketing Services Inc.: 800-379-8073

For Your Core

Improve core strength and agility with Gaiam’s Balance Pods. These fun, bright-colored discs are portable, versatile and easy to use for all fitness levels. Arrange the Balance Pods in endless patterns for a dynamic, ever-changing workout.

Rymax Marketing Services Inc.: 800-379-8073

From the Sea

H2O Plus develops skincare, spa and bath products powered by marine ingredients and proprietary sciences. The H2O Plus Sea Salt Purifying Spa Set is a mineral-rich set featuring H2O Plus’ best-selling Sea Salt spa luxuries, formulated to gently polish and purify the skin, restoring a natural glow. An Oceanside essence that delivers a sensory escape with Sea Salt Body Wash, Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter and Sea Salt Skin Smoother. Experience spa luxury without leaving the house.

Top Brands Inc.: 800-431-2127

Ease the Strain

With three interchangeable heads, the handheld Active Sport Massager from Brookstone lets you target specific muscles or enjoy soothing, all-over relief. The pinpoint node delivers intense, targeted relief; the ball node provides more generalized massage; and the wide coverage attachment helps ease larger muscle groups. Built to last, the Active Sport Massager features wide-range variable speed control for a massage just the way you like it. It even includes a zippered bag for storage or travel—perfect for taking to the gym.

Brookstone: 603-577-8134

Know the Score

The Personal TrainerTM HealthStationTM is a HoMedics Body Composition Scanner that measures body fat, body water, muscle mass and much more using KnowledgeBookTM technology. The normal, athlete and child modes make this scale great for the entire family. Made of Strong Tempered Safety glass, this scale includes a 2.8 LCD display, 12 user memories and a 400-pound weight capacity. The Long Life Lithium battery never needs changing. Accompanied by a 10-year warranty.
$99.99 to $129.99

HoMedics: 800-333-8282