Wild Thing

Hand-blown and hand-finished, this stunning Urban Safari Pitcher combines a feral pattern inspired by leopard spots with the chic sophistication of rich, modern color accents. The Urban Safari Tumbler set is perfect for juice or water. A tremendous value, the Pitcher has a suggested retail of $150, and the Tumbler set of four has a suggested retail of $125.

Waterford: 800-933-3370

Desired Destination

Meticulously appointed with the finest aesthetic and engineering features imaginable, the Arrivé Collection of travel, business and day bags seamlessly combines contemporary understatement with the ultimate functionality of Tumi’s advanced technology. Signature details include smooth calfskin trim that greets you wherever you look and touch, elegant, resilient micro ballistic nylon fabric, striking chrome accents, custom-made handles and intelligent interior organization.

Tumi: 800-669-3181

Green Watch

The small size Sprout watch is 80 percent eco-friendly and the large size is 86 percent eco-friendly, by weight. All Sprout watches are in compliance with the CPSIA and are lead- and phthalate-free. The corn resin used in the watch will not break down during wear and use. In a compost environment, corn resin is 99 percent biodegradable to carbon dioxide and water within 365 days. It is made from a renewable resource. Conventional plastics use an estimated 200,000 barrels of oil a day in the United States, but corn resin uses no oil resources in production.

VLC: 800-580-4608

Simply Irresistible

This irresistible pendant and pierced earrings from Swarovski offer a hint of edgy vintage style. Sparkling in watercolor pastel shades of crystal, they’ll add a trendy touch to any ensemble.

Rymax Marketing Services Inc.: 800-379-8073

Made in the Shades

Get that vintage round lens look worn by counter-culture heroes and rock stars of decades gone by in a 100 percent UV protective Ray-Ban. These luxury Ray-Ban M-Round Sunglasses are eternally youthful, unisex sunglasses with gunmetal frames and ultra-cool green lenses. Ray-Ban has been crafting fine-quality sunglasses for generations, and it shows. These classic Ray-Ban RB3447 sunglasses offer quality, style and the timeless shape of a memorable era.

The Corporate Marketplace Inc.: 401-267-9041

Cook Something Up

The Kenmore Elite® Portable Induction Cooktop with Non-Stick Fry Pan offers advanced, professional technology. It is used by professionals for its fast, even heat and precise control. With no hot spots, you get no more uneven cooking or unpredictable results, just gourmet creations made quick, easy and right in your kitchen. Electromagnetic burner heats only the pan’s cooking surface with no open flame and quick cooling. Shuts off automatically when pan is removed. Lockout settings provide additional peace of mind for use around children.

Incentive Concepts: 888-862-9283

The Candy Man Can

CandyManTM, a new motion-activated candy dispenser is the fun, smart alternative to messy candy bowls and too-big portions. Perfect for dispensing unwrapped candy, unsalted nuts and gum balls, CandyManTM from Brookstone is fun for families and perfect for the office. Just wave your hand under the dispenser and the perfect amount of your favorite treat pours out.

Brookstone: 603-577-8134