Glass Act

New in 2010, Crystal D offers the eco-friendly Recycled Glass Expedition award (item No. 4603). Available in three beautiful colors—blue, green and copper—the award is made in the United States of 91 percent post-consumer recycled glass. The unique mountainous shape makes it perfect for the employee who has accomplished great success by overcoming obstacles.

Crystal D: 800-544-1131

Lights Out

Add effortless, energy-saving automation to your home with the Black and Decker SW100 Lights Out AutoSwitch. The easy-to-install AutoSwitch instantly tackles one of the biggest home energy waste problems: forgetting to turn off the lights. The SW100 Lights Out AutoSwitch mounts directly on top of any existing toggle switch with the help of an ordinary screwdriver, no wiring required. Its motion-activated sensor automatically turns lights on or off 1, 5, 15 or 30 minutes after you leave the room. Simply set the timer once and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the lights off.

Rymax Marketing Services Inc.: 800-379-8073

Keep In Time

Citizen’s newest Eco-Drive radio-controlled analog world timer, the World Perpetual A-T, features non-reflective sapphire glass while redefining atomic timekeeping with radio-controlled accuracy perfection in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan and China where radio signals are received both automatically and on-demand. Utilizing the power of light, Citizen Eco-Drive technology converts light into stored energy to power the watch for at least six months, even in the dark. Fueled by light, it never needs a battery.

Citizen: 201-438-8150 Ext. 8234

Classically Green

This Athens award is available in an eco-friendly option. Features uneven pillars of recycled wood with jade glass. Image area is 5 inches by 7 inches.
$75 to $88

Visions/AwardCraft: 800-730-8727

Cook Something Up

The foundation of all Farberware ECOS products is the exclusive eco-friendly SandFlowTM nonstick from a brand name you can trust. This unique nonstick originates from sand and is formulated to provide excellent food release and easy cleanup. Based on industry lab tests, the SandFlowTM nonstick food releasing performance will outlast all other ceramic-based eco-friendly cookware, three to one.

Rymax Marketing Services Inc.: 800-379-8073