Weight for It

With these Mini-Contour Weights from Spri Products, your recipients will be able to work out practically anywhere. The soft and flexible, neoprene-covered dumbbell-style weights conform to your hands, providing the perfect grip for resistance workouts and walking. They are comfortably secure with a stretch elastic hand strap to eliminate over-gripping and hand fatigue. Available in a variety of weights, from 1 pound up to 5 pounds, these weights will help your award or incentive plan participant get in shape at home or on the go. $24.99 (per pair)

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Stretch & Strengthen

Yoga has been growing in popularity, and offers an excellent method for improving flexibility and strength. Your program participants will have everything they need to get their own yoga program going with this Yoga Starter Kit from Spri Products. The complete kit includes a yoga mat for performing the postures, as well as a foam block and cotton strap, which help beginners ease into more challenging positions. A fully illustrated yoga postures poster shows them how to do it. Help them improve their health, while getting a relaxing workout. $39.99

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If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in elliptical cross-trainers, look no further. Besides the fact that it feels as great as it looks, the Life Fitness X7 Electronic Adjustable Stride Cross-Trainer offers you the ultimate in customization and comfort with features such as on-the-fly electronic stride adjustments and an even lower-impact ellipse motion. And the Advanced Workouts Console provides added workout variety and advanced programs to better help you reach your fitness goals. With the cross-trainer, your recipients will get a total-body workout with synchronized upper- and lower-body movement.

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Move It or Lose It

The Life Fitness T3 treadmill is designed with form and functionality in mind. From its sleek aesthetic curves that complement any home environment to patented features that provide comfort and control, this treadmill is everything you would expect from well-respected fitness brand Life Fitness. Pair it with the Advanced Workouts Console for added workout variety and advanced programs to help your recipients better meet their fitness goals. Key features include contact heart-rate hand sensors, a patented FlexDeck® shock-absorption system to reduce impacts to joints, simple navigation and ergonomically placed controls and more.

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Break It Down

You’re 130 pounds—but 130 pounds of what? With the HealthStationTM Body Composition Scanner by HoMedics® with Stainless Steel Platform, you’ll know what’s fat, what’s muscle and what’s water. HoMedics KnowledgeBookTM technology tells you exactly where you stand. Not only do you get a detailed analysis of your body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass percentages, the CaloriePredictorTM estimates your daily calorie intake. Plus, the Athlete Mode ensures accurate readings for muscular body types. What else? It’s easy to use, affordable and much more informative than your average bathroom scale. $59.99

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On-the-Go Pampering

For 20 years, H20 Plus has been providing natural, water-based, sea-derived skincare that is made in the United States. The Refreshing Bath Aquatics Set provides invigorating bath and body essentials that instill marine-rich moisture. Formulated with watercress, Iceland moss and seaweed extracts, this set includes a 1.25-ounce shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body balm and 2-ounce bar soap. $12.50

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