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2010 Digital Editions

Premium Incentive Products Magazine January/February 2010 Digital Edition

January/February 2010

In the January/February issue, we consider the economic situation and the importance of engaging employees before the recovery is in full swing. We also look at using merchandise in travel incentives, as well as the latest trends in gourmet food gifts and incentives.

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Premium Incentive Products Magazine March/April 2010 Digital Edition

March/April 2010

In the March/April issue, we offer our brand-new IMRA directory, with an accompanying feature that considers all the ways IMRA’s members can help you put together your most effective incentive, rewards and recognition program yet. We also consider the impact of recognition on change management and look at the top trends in electronic and high-tech incentives.

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Premium Incentive Products Magazine May/June 2010 Digital Edition

May/June 2010

In the May/June issue, we focus in on the latest trends in digital camera incentives. Other features look at the basics of engagement, as well as gift cards and the IGCC. We also consider green incentives and the reasons incentives should continue in a down economy.

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Premium Incentive Products Magazine July/August 2010 Digital Edition

July/August 2010

The July/August issue takes a closer look at business gifts, as well as using watches and other timepieces as incentives and rewards. We also cover the connection between engagement and internal brand, and much more.

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September/October  2010 Digital Edition

September/October 2010

The September/October issue features our annual guide to merchandise trends, as well as features on recreation and sporting goods, and building your perfect incentive team.

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November/December 2010 Digital Edition

November/December 2010

The November/December issue features our annual look at what’s new with the Incentive Marketing Association, as well as a closer look at trends in luggage and leather goods.

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