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The Test of Time: Watches & Clocks Still a Powerful Incentive

The Test of Time

Watches & Clocks Still a Powerful Incentive

Despite taking a back seat to more contemporary time keepers such as cell phones and PDAs, watches have never held more power as incentive awards than right now.

Engaging a Multi-Generational Workforce: Is Your Company Ready for the Challenge?

Engaging a Multi-Generational Workforce

Is Your Company Ready for the Challenge?

With the baby boomers set to begin retiring in waves, the workforce is facing a labor shortage, and companies need smart strategies to handle the void. This month we look at some ways to manage talent effectively.

To Gift Is to Receive: Our Annual Business Gifts Guide

To Gift Is to Receive

Our Annual Business Gifts Guide

When it comes time to consider your company’s business gifts, careful consideration is called for to ensure you get an appropriate gift that is sure to please. Here’s some advice from the pros to help you make your way through the ins and outs of gifting to ensure many happy returns on your gifting plans.

Dealing with the Daily Drama: Leading Through an Economic Downturn

Dealing with the Daily Drama

Leading Through an Economic Downturn

Bad economic news is seemingly everywhere, but you can rise above, and help your company rise above too, but not giving into the “fear of fear itself.” In this interview with executive coach Dan Couglin, we ask for guidance through the daily onslaught of bad news.

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It's the Brand, Stupid

To truly motivate, you need to rely on rewards that have high value for your program participants, and that means brands. This month, our IMA guest columnist explores the importance of including recognized and respected brands in your program.

It Takes Value to Create Value

In the world of business, corporate responsibility programs, including greener approaches and socially responsible practices, have become increasingly important. Learn about the role of promotions and incentives in these critical programs.

Looking for Motivation Inspiration?

Chicago Is the Place to Be

If you’re looking for a little inspiration and education along with some networking with your peers to help you motivate your targets, The Motivation Show in Chicago in September is the place to be.