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Rewarding Images: New Trends in Digital Camera Incentives

Rewarding Images

New Trends in Digital Camera Incentives

From fashionable colors to powerful in-camera features, the latest developments in digital still cameras are sure to please your incentive and reward program participants. This month, we look at all the new innovations and highlight some options at various price points to help you get started.

Danger Zone: Are Your Sales Incentives Created in a Vacuum?

Danger Zone

Are Your Sales Incentives Created in a Vacuum?

In this first in a series of articles looking at the ways incentives, recognition and motivation can make critical connections between a company’s financial performance and its overall ability to recruit, engage and retain its employees, we consider sales incentive development issues.

Green Motivations: Incorporating Eco-Friendly Merchandise Into Your Program

Green Motivations

Incorporating Eco-Friendly Merchandise Into Your Program

Whether you’re looking to motivate employees to go greener in their work habits, or you want to improve customer loyalty through your devotion to environmental awareness, it can pay to go green. We cover some of the ways you can make your incentive, reward and recognition program more earth-friendly.

Table of contents for MARCH/APRIL 2008 issue of Premium Incentive Products Magazine


A Tailored Solution

Aiming for Your Target Audience

One-size-fits-all recognition programs are far less effective than tailored solutions. Consider your audience carefully as you plan to be sure you’re offering recognition that makes a difference.

Pump Up Your Program

Providing the Total Reward Experience

Giving an effective reward requires careful planning from start to finish. Whether it’s making sure batteries are included or offering a little help with a tough installation, rounding out your program means paying attention to all the details.

Be a Part of It

Hit the Big Apple to Build People-to-Brand Connections

The New York Incentive, Reward & Recognition Show will be the place to be to learn about connecting your business performance with people engagement through brands and promotional products. We’ve got some specifics to help you plan your trip.