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A Booming Business: Incentive Federation Research Reveals Growth in Industry

A Booming Business

Incentive Federation Research Reveals Growth in Industry

At $46 billion. The merchandise and travel incentive industry is booming. Take a look at the latest research from the Incentive Federation, and learn how merchandise incentives are an effective motivation tool.

The Great Outdoors: Recreation Equals Motivation

The Great Outdoors

Recreation Equals Motivation

Whether it’s getting out for a weekend of camping and fishing, or simply lounging on the deck and enjoying the fresh air, everyone loves the outdoors in one way or another. Help them enjoy it more by offering products that inspire peak performance from those who want to get outside.

A Moveable Feast: Gourmet Food Serves Up Business Solutions

A Moveable Feast

Gourmet Food Serves Up Business Solutions

Far more than a holiday-season business gift, gourmet food is an effective incentive at all times of the year, and for all types of programs. Find out what you need to know to make gourmet food part of your program.

Table of contents for JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 issue of Premium Incentive Products Magazine


Motivation in Focus

Creating an Effective Incentive Program

Creating an effective incentive program means planning wisely from the beginning, with the right partners to help you along and the right products that offer a high perceived value and appeal to everyone.

In-Suite Impact

Corporate Incentive Travel & the Need for Fabulous In-Suite Gifting

In-suite gifts received on incentive trips are often left behind, but you can avoid the pitfalls and find a new path to really make an impact.