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February 2014

Campaign Emphasizes Power of Meeting & Event Industry

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As workers become ever more connected to 24/7 technology, are businesses forgetting the value of face-to-face meetings? Leaders from across the meetings and events industry recently unveiled a new national campaign to showcase the substantial value derived from business meetings, conferences, conventions, incentive travel, trade shows and exhibitions. The campaign, "Meetings Mean Business," will create an information and advocacy platform that highlights the industry's pivotal role in creating jobs, generating economic value and driving business success.

"The unfortunate trend in the professional workplace is that we are all disappearing father behind our electronic devices, and both empirically and intuitively, that's counterproductive in multiple respects," said U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow. "Meetings Mean Business will change the discussion by presenting the airtight case for the irreplaceable value of face-to-face collaboration. A decline in in-person communication would measurably threaten the quality of outcomes in a number of critical spheres—government policymaking, business bottom lines, scientific innovation, not to mention workplace bonhomie and the impact on local economies. We're not going to allow that to happen."

A recent U.S. Travel Association study conducted by Oxford Economics found that companies depend on face-to-face meetings to win new customers, close new deals and develop high-performing talent. A Maritz Institute white paper finds that face-to-face meetings more effectively capture the attention of participants, inspire positive emotional climates as a way to drive collaboration and build meaningful business relationships.

The campaign is organized around three pillars:

  • Creating Personal Connections: Personal relationships are at the core of every business decision, no matter what industry. A face-to-face meeting provides professionals with that personal interaction, which leads to deeper relationships.
  • Driving Business Outcomes: Meetings and events deliver profits, help win new accounts, and serve as education platforms. They provide a venue for introducing new products and ideas, and allow colleagues and partners to come together to innovate and achieve results.
  • Building Strong Communities: Outside of the results driven by business meetings, the events and meetings industry creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, generates billions of dollars of revenue and supports communities across the country.

The campaign will also focus on how meetings and conferences are an essential business tool for departments and agencies across the entire government. They facilitate effective information sharing, employee training and development, taxpayer services and collaboration with other agencies and private-sector partners in a way that cannot be accomplished by other means.

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