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Premium Incentive Products Magazine - Products and Ideas That Inspire Performance

Rain, Rain, Go Away

"The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually."     — Eeyore

Last time on this page, I talked about how it was just about to be the Best Summer Ever!

And then it started raining. And raining. And raining. And it's still raining, as I write. May in Chicago was the wettest May on record, with 8.21 inches of rain falling on the city—double what we normally get in the month. June has also seemed particularly rainy, and well I don't know about you, but rain doesn't do a whole lot for my motivation.

But still, a person can only spend so much time lazing around, looking out the window and wishing for the sun to come out. So, I've gotten down to some projects I was saving for colder, less pleasant days. I built a set of shelves for my record collection, and reorganized (by alphabet and release date) my LPs. I finally got a plumber out to have a look at some aging portions of my waterworks. (A 100-year-old house always needs work.) I started cleaning out closets and the basement and the pantry and every other little nook and cranny that's accumulated too much junk. And there's still plenty to keep me busy if the rain keeps falling.

At home or at work, things don't always go quite the way we expect. And when the weather derails our fun plans, or when circumstances derail our work plans, we have to adjust.

Incentives and rewards are just one tool in your toolkit that you can deploy to help your workforce adapt when things aren't going quite as expected for your organization.

Got an outstanding performer who sees unanticipated change and rolls it into new success? Serve that star some recognition! Did one of your teams take a surprising challenge and turn it around? Celebrate their success with a reward!

We've all got the power, when motivated properly, to turn what feels like a bad situation into an opportunity. To turn the frowns upside down. To make lemonade with those lemons. To take that rainy day and turn it into a chance to get something unexpected done.

Oh, look! The sun just popped out again. Time to head outside and soak in the goodness!


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,

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