Departments - November/December 2020

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IMA Rewards Excellence

The Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) recently presented its 2020 Excellence Awards. This year's newly revamped Excellence Awards provided new categories, enabling the IMA to recognize the increasingly important role of incentives and recognition in improving business performance.

The Excellence Awards recognize development and delivery of outstanding non-cash incentive programs that motivate employees, win customers and improve sales.

The 2020 IMA Excellence Award Winners include:

Sales Incentives: Hino Guild 2019 Program for Hino Motor Sales (Synchro Marketing)

Synchro Marketing helped Hino Motor Sales Australia (Hino) defy tough market conditions to become the only Japanese manufacturer to achieve positive sales results across all segments in 2019. Working with Synchro Marketing, Hino developed, launched, and continues to manage its Hino Guild, Dealer Distributor Incentive Program. The 2019 program included a targeted focus on sales managers and sales consultants via an online quiz and role play competition which culminated in one sales consultant becoming the National Skills Champion. Hino increased its 2019 Market Share to 17.5%, from 13.5% in 2018, and 70% of sales managers and consultants having achieved their e-learning key performance indicators for the year.

Consumer Promotion: T-Mobile Tuesdays Program for T-Mobile (Tango Card Inc.)

Tango Card assisted T-Mobile with driving engagement for T-Mobile's weekly Tuesday customer thank you program which resulted in more than 80 million customers participating, 41 million prizes redeemed, increased customer retention and satisfaction; and an increase in likelihood of retention and recommendation of T-Mobile services.

Dealer/Distributor Incentive: Pirelli Prime Program for Pirelli (CR Worldwide)

CR Worldwide helped Pirelli develop an outstandingly successful program to increase sales of Pirelli tires with Micheldever dealers by launching a first of its kind for the industry points banking rewards program. Pirelli Prime results far exceeded goals with a 66% increase in sales of tires 18 inches and larger, 81% of users interacting with the program regularly, 94% of dealers agreeing the Pirelli Prime program had resulted in buying and selling more Pirelli tires and 75% of dealers willing to recommend Pirelli tires to others. The Pirelli Prime program earned a return of 2,688% in revenue from the initial investment.

Employee Incentive Program: Pathfinders Program for Mentos - Perfetti Van Melle (Agência Digi)

Agência Digi helped Mentos - Perfetti Van Melle improve sales team productivity with the Pathfinders Program, which increased engagement and interaction, and provided incentives for those who reached or exceeded their goals. The Pathfinders Program resulted in 100% adherence and 92% engagement. Sales performance was leveraged by more than 60% of the target employees.

Merchandise in an Incentive Program: APC iRewards Program for APC by Schneider Electric (HMI Performance Incentives)

HMI Performance Incentives helped APC by Schneider Electric replace an outdated cash rebate program with a new incentive iRewards program designed to provide relevant rewards and drive desired behaviors among sales staff at reseller organizations. The program was very successful in North America, Europe and Latin America with an average iRewards firm generating six times more sales revenue. The experience and merchandise rewards helped develop an emotional connection with the resellers who now say they look forward to the iRewards promotions.

Gift Cards in an Incentive Program: Know Your IBM Program for IBM (Motivforce)

Motivforce helped IBM develop a rewards program to differentiate IBM's products and services from competitors' offerings in a crowded marketplace.

Travel in an Incentive Program: Game of Dealers Program for Renault Brasil (MCI Brasil)

MCI Brasil helped Renault Brasil create a unique and highly customized destination travel experience for Renault's annual Dealer of the Year program with "Game of Dealers," a play off of the internationally popular Game of Thrones TV show. The travel program provides a reward and celebration with Renault's board for their top dealers. Everything about the experience was tailored to the theme including using Croatia, where segments of the TV show are filmed, and Montenegro as the destinations and unique dining and tour experiences.

Recognition: BetVictor Values You Program for BetVictor (CR Worldwide)

CR Worldwide developed the "BetVictor Values You" program to help the company improve employee retention, enhance appreciation, grow engagement and strengthen their position in the competitive Gibraltar labor market. Results included reducing employee attrition by 46%, the company's approval rating increased 14% and 76% of employees used the system.

Innovation & Technology: Handy at Home Loyalty Campaign for BP Europe (Motisha and the Boost Group)

Motisha and Boost Loyalty worked with BP to provide a 3-month multi-channel campaign where customers could save up to 50% on exclusive Black-Label line Princess products when fueling at BP. Results included: more than 25,000 discount vouchers redeemed, more than 7,000 Princess products sold, and 50% of all orders were completely or partially paid for with Freebees.