Feature Article - April/May 2020

High-Tech Motivation

Electronics, Digital Cameras & Other High-Tech Incentives

By Emily Tipping

Listen Up

For smart listening, try the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speaker. Deep. Loud. And immersive, too. SoundLink Revolve+, the best-performing portable Bluetooth speaker from Bose, delivers true 360-degree sound for consistent, uniform coverage. Place it in the center of the room to give everyone the same experience. Or set it near a wall so sound radiates and reflects. This wireless speaker is durable, water-resistant and easy to grab and go—with a rechargeable battery that plays up to 16 hours.

For a more retro option, the Klipsch Heritage Groove, available through Crutchfield, has a cool, mid-century modern appearance. Its eye-catching design includes spun metal control buttons, as well as a woven speaker grille and real wood veneer panels. And this portable Bluetooth speaker also delivers on performance. Its professionally tuned driver, enclosure and amplifier produce clear, detailed sound with robust bass.

With no wires in the way, Bose SoundSport wireless headphones keep you moving with powerful audio and earbuds that stay secure and comfortable. They're also sweat- and weather-resistant with a battery life of up to 6 hours per charge. So nothing's holding you back from your workout.

The QFX Bluetooth Radio offers a whimsical option for sound. It features: Bluetooth, FM radio, built-in rechargeable battery, aux-in (aux cable included), phone answering capability, phone, tablet, MP3 or any device charging capability with USB, USB charging cable, and USB/micro SD.

Catch an Image

When it comes to cameras, smartphones have had an impact on the industry, but there are cameras that rise above that trend to offer capabilities you simply can't capture with a phone.

"The trend for the past six years in the photography category has been all about instant imaging," said Joe Hafenscher, vice president of sales, Special Markets for Fujifilm North America. "Digital cameras continue to see yearly declines ever since the introduction of the smartphone camera, while the instant camera category continues to thrive. Many different camera designs and print-size capabilities keep the instant category alive and well.

"Smartphone printers have also been a big hit the last several years because they allow the user to wirelessly pull images from their smartphone devices where most photographs are captured today," he added.

And, "Fujifilm continues to innovate and drive the market category," he said. "Fujifilm was the first to reintroduce instant photography back into the marketplace several years ago, and ever since has been the stand-alone market leader."

Fujifilm's latest addition to its ever-popular Instax product lineup is The Link Smartphone Printer. Bluetooth wireless capability allows the user to transmit any smartphone images from iOS and Android devices. In as little as 12 seconds, an instant 2-by-3-inch print begins developing into full color. Features include motion sensor and video printing capability, along with collage and split print modes. There are many editing filters and cropping functions to choose from. The printer comes in Denim Blue, Ash White and Dusky Pink colors, and includes a 10-exposure pack of Instax film, lithium battery and a one-year limited warranty.

Of course, if you want to hit all your targets, you'll still want to include some traditional digital cameras in your lineup. There are many reasons why folks might want to step away—or step up—from their smartphone's camera capabilities, and cameras that are made to be, well, cameras can do a lot more to satisfy their creative desires.

The DX-format Nikon Z 50, along with two new companion NIKKOR Z lenses—the NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 WR and the NIKKOR Z DX 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 VR—takes full advantage of Nikon's larger Z mount, providing creators of all types with the most innovative optical system for superior image and video quality. The compact and lightweight Nikon Z 50 was made for unique individuals seeking a camera that has the speed, portability and style to keep pace and share their creative storytelling and imagination, especially when paired with the new ultra-compact 16-50mm zoom and the slim 50-250mm telephoto zoom lenses.

Instead of the same old swag for your office or event, give them something they will use every day to keep track of what matters to them.

The easy-to-carry, compact and lightweight 14-ounce body of the Nikon Z 50 is designed with intuitive controls and an agile yet durable frame. It's effortless to carry while vlogging a vacation, hiking the backcountry or exploring a new part of town. The easy-to-use interface features a 3.2-inch flip-down LCD touchscreen that's ideal for selfies and vlogging, featuring familiar soft keys and icons. Sharp, vibrant 4K video, built-in 120p slow motion, time lapse, in-camera video trimming and more make for creative video recording. Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and support for the new SnapBridge version 2.6 app allows users to seamlessly share still images and videos.