Feature Article - April/May 2020

High-Tech Motivation

Electronics, Digital Cameras & Other High-Tech Incentives

By Emily Tipping

We all love our gadgets, though not necessarily the same ones. One man's smart speaker is another man's brand-new high-def television. One woman's smart doorbell is another woman's record player. But most of us have some sort of high-tech device that, well… maybe we could do without it, but would we want to?

Adding all kinds of smart devices, stereo equipment, TVs, cameras and more to your lineup of incentives and rewards will be sure to spark interest in your audience. That's why high-tech climbed to the top tier of incentive redemptions long ago, and has remained there ever since.

"Tech remains one of the best redeeming categories in reward and recognition programs, and it is important for merchandisers and buyers to stay on top of trends and new products," said Aaron Cook, territory sales manager with Incentive Concepts based in Maryland Heights, Mo. "While consumers may tend to hang onto housewares, business bags or other items longer, they are constantly looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest in tech products."

Tech remains one of the best redeeming categories in reward and recognition programs, and it is important for merchandisers and buyers to stay on top of trends and new products.

And manufacturers of tech products have met that demand with updates and new introductions galore over the past couple of decades. But that doesn't mean that electronics and other innovations are the only gadgetry you should investigate. There's also something to be said for nostalgia.

"Nostalgic gifts are hot," said Nick Gazivoda, managing director for Alycent Marketing Group. "We are seeing huge interest in Fujifilm and Victrola items because of the nostalgia.

"Folks want cool and unique items, plus items that are doing well at a retail level so that translates into good business for these planners," he added.

So, whether you're looking to offer the latest and greatest, or you want to take a walk down memory lane, turn to this category and you'll find plenty of ideas to get the ball rolling on an incentive, rewards or recognition program that will achieve your business goals.

Get Smart

"One of the latest trends in new products is the ability to keep consumers 'cloud connected,'" Cook said. "As consumers rely more on their smartphone for daily tasks, mobile audio accessories like Bose Frames or Headphones 700 allow users to easily access and connect to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Additionally, smart speaker technology—featuring products that can play music, turn off the lights or check the weather with a simple voice command—are experiencing a significant uptick in popularity."

Available through Crutchfield, the Brilliant Smart Home Control is a smart switch with built-in camera, motion sensor, Sonos control and Amazon Alexa. Turn any wall-controlled light into smart lighting you operate by touch, mobile app or voice with the Brilliant wall controller. The 5-inch diagonal LCD touchscreen with 720 x 1280 resolution doubles as a digital picture frame. You can even personalize it with up to 24 of your own photos!

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