Feature Article - January/February 2020

Creature Comforts

Motivate With Housewares & Home Goods

By Emily Tipping

Whether you're a homebody who loves to cook every meal from scratch and keep a meticulously clean and beautifully decorated home or a social butterfly who only stops home to bang out a quick dinner and grab a coffee before heading back out the door, or anyone in between, the housewares and home goods industry has something for you. The vastly wide appeal combined with all the innovations manufacturers have come up with to help people simplify and beautify their lives at home mean this category is a must-have for incentives, rewards and recognition programs.

"Housewares is where it's at," said Warren Weaver, director of national sales for Zane's Inc. "We are always looking for faster, simpler and more creative ways to prepare food. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and there is lots of time spent there. Therefore, our needs and wants often reflect items we use in this space.

"A lot of what we see welling now is simplifying or speeding up processes in the kitchen," he added, "and that speaks right to the needs in today's family where preparing meals needs to happen fast, and with little preparation and overall processes."

"High-end housewares from top brands are naturals for the incentives/rewards business," added Becky Sawicki, director of special markets for Jura Inc., "because of their wide appeal. Unlike special occasion gifts, products like automatic coffee machines, coffeemakers, espresso machines, iced tea makers and grinders will be used and enjoyed on a daily basis for years, maximizing the benefit of investing in incentives/rewards. This is especially true when you're tying into hot trends such as gourmet coffee and tea."

Other hot trends? As Weaver said, anything that helps busy people get a healthy dinner on the table more quickly, but also tools for cooking inspired by TV and celebrity chefs and really, anything that helps people outfit, beautify and add comfort to their nests.

Eat & Entertain

It's not difficult to fill one's kitchen shelves with an avalanche of tools to help with eating and entertaining—from quick and effortless cooking in a pressure cooker to setting everything out on the table for a beautiful meal with friends and family.

"Air frying and pressure cooking continue to dominate," Weaver explained. "The movement to larger air fryer units, and air fry/convection/toaster ovens has been well received. Indoor electric grills are making a move as well."

Enjoy your favorite golden-crisp fried foods you thought were off limits! The Power AirFryer XL Vortex Airfryer, available through Zane's, uses Rapid Air Technology to surround your food with a whirlwind of turbo cyclonic air instead of butter, oil or lard. You get the same golden-fried taste and texture you love without all the calories. Featuring a six-in-one multi-use design: air fryer, dehydrator, pizza oven, baking oven, roaster and reheat.

The Hamilton Beach® Air Fry Countertop Oven is the multifunctional appliance you'll use for every meal, whether you're cooking for one or a large family. It combines the versatility of a countertop oven with the fast, even cooking of an air fryer. In addition to traditional baking and broiling, the Hamilton Beach Air Fry Countertop Oven can air fry foods for great taste with little to no oil. You'll be able to achieve the crispy finish you love on everything from French fries and tater tots to chicken wings, steak, fish and vegetables. There is plenty of oven space to feed the whole family. Use the metal mesh basket for air frying and the bake pan and broil rack for your other cooking needs. The intuitive manual controls include adjustable temperature, six function setting, a 30-minute timer with auto shutoff and stay-on setting.