Web Exclusive - May/June 2019

What You Should Know About: The Impact of Brand-Name Merchandise

We know rewards and incentives are effective, and we know the value of carefully making the selection to ensure the rewards and incentives offered are in line with the expectations and desires of the target audience. But do you know how important it is to offer brand-name merchandise?

The respect and cache of specific brands goes a long way toward building the goodwill and sense of appreciation you're looking for.

This month, we asked top incentive industry experts:

What do you think people should know or understand about the impact of brand-name merchandise?

Here's what they had to say:

"When you want to motivate your employees, think about the things in your life that motivate you to reach the next goal. Is it a Mercedes? It could be as simple as obtaining a Kitchen Aid Mixer, or a Peloton Bike. Employees know the power of name brands. Name brands go hand in hand with 'bragging rights,' such as the neighbor with the latest and greatest Weber Grill at the block party masterfully grilling while telling you all of the features and benefits of the new grill. Give your people brand names when it comes to motivation because they are a true carrot before the cart in today's world. Everyone knows a Mercedes, a Weber, a Kitchen Aid or a Peloton, so make sure you utilize the power behind the brand when you motivate."

--Joe Zanone, Movado Group Inc.

"Brand-name merchandise is an impactful reward because it evokes a feeling in the recipient. For example, giving your customer or employee a pair of Beats headphones, as opposed to a generic pair of headphones, tells the recipient that you want to give them the best. At Links, brands are at the core of what we do. We simply offer the best brands."

--Scott Kooken, President of Links Unlimited

"The product support the recipient gets on brand-name products adds value to the item. Product support enhances the reward satisfaction. I am sure the average person has no idea how often their Smart TV firmware upgrades to make sure they are experiencing the best use of the TV. Or how about when a storm creates havoc and busts a leg on a chair in your outdoor furniture set—not a warranted repair, really, but you would have more success getting support for a replacement from Hanover than some tier-3 brand."

--Eric Anderson, PMC

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