Feature Article - March/April 2019

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Electronics & High-Tech Incentives

By Emily Tipping

This & That

Of course, electronics is a vast world of gadgets and devices, and you can keep adding great options to your program to your heart's delight. Why not give them a chance to upgrade their viewing experience with a new television? Or offer smart-home devices to help them feel more secure? The options are endless.

Meet the Masters. Sony's Master Series OLED and LED TVs—the A9F and Z9F—bring picture quality to an entirely new level. Sophisticated aesthetic design meets power and beauty with breathtaking color, clarity and contrast in everything you watch. It's TV like you've never seen it before.

Find anything with the new Tile Pro, available through Links Unlimited, the most powerful Bluetooth tracker for finding all your things. It has a 300-foot range that's two times the new Tile Mate. You can relax knowing the rechargeable battery runs for a year with no upkeep, and then easily replace it yourself. This durable, water-resistant tracker is also twice as loud, making it easier to find everything.

Electronics Trends

So what trends are incentive market experts seeing when it comes to electronics? Smart technology is big, for one thing.

"The trends we are seeing in the market are centered around smart technology," Kooken said. "In this arena, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are dominating. We are finding that most manufacturers are adding this technology to their own products to compete with one another."

"Voice-enabled products continue to gain momentum in the market," Fishman said. "With consumers on a hunt to bring more convenience to their busy, fast-paced lives, they appreciate new ways to incorporate voice technology into their homes. Likewise, companies are finding new ways to integrate voice assistant technology into their products to meet consumer demands.

"At CES this year, we witnessed the introduction of Simple Human's newest product, a sensor mirror that features Google's voice assistant. Klipsch also joined the trend and introduced a new sound bar that supports Google assistant. As the voice assistant trend continues to grow, we will continue to see an evolution of the technology and landscape of the consumer electronics space overall."

"Streaming devices and 4K TV continue to lead the growth in the CE space," added Anderson. "Major brands are getting away from small screens, under 32 inches, and leaving that space for the tier two brands to cover because folks are more likely to step up to larger screen sizes with the advancement of picture quality and pricing compression."