Feature Article - March/April 2019

Your Connection to Motivation

Electronics & High-Tech Incentives

By Emily Tipping

We live in a connected world. For most Americans, the idea of daily television, constant social interaction with "friends" and the ability to listen to favorite tunes in whatever is one's favorite mode is little different from the idea of being able to grab a Quarter Pounder with Cheese any time you want. This stuff is simply at our disposal, and few lack access.

That said, our means of accessing our favorite shows, tunes and more tend to be in a constant state of improvement and upgrade, and because our lives are so interconnected, we are eager to reach for any means to improve that connection.

Electronics—everything from headphones to televisions, cameras and more—are deeply engrained in our daily lives, and that makes them an excellent choice for incentives and rewards.

"Electronics items are such an effective and attractive incentive or reward because everyone can upgrade to a new electronic," said Scott Kooken, president of Links Unlimited, a corporate channel supplier and fulfillment organization for many of the best brands in retail, based in Cincinnati. "Technology is constantly changing, and people want to get the newest item available. Voice-activated devices are the hot product right now."

"Electronics are so engrained in our culture, as we are so wrapped up in sharing and obtaining news, pictures, music and social media that people are not willing to or going to give this up any time soon," said Eric Anderson, director of sales for PMC, a leading provider of high-quality brand-name consumer electronics and other merchandise to the premium incentive and special markets channels. "All age groups use electronics and like the newest, best models they can achieve. Electronics are very unique in that they are both 'need,' as well as 'want' items. We need a smart TV to Netflix and chill, but we want the best smart TV we can earn to enjoy the best experience we can during our chill periods. We all know that 'want' items are much more motivating to achieve incentive-related results and are very important to all incentive programs."

"Electronics are an effective reward because they transcend most demographics—especially in today's world where everyone feels the need to constantly stay connected," added Ken Fishman, director of purchasing for Rymax, a national manufacturer's representative based in Pine Brook, N.J. "Try to walk down one New York City block without seeing at least five people on their cell phones. It's not likely to happen. From the millennial talking into their Apple Watch to the morning commuter checking on the package currently being left at the doorstep, we can't seem to put down our devices. Whether you're a fitness fanatic who wants to monitor your activity on a continual basis or an inexperienced baker who needs a little help from Alexa with that last part of a cookie recipe, we've become completely dependent on our electronics to get through our day. By providing consumers with today's latest models, we allow them to stay on trend, while assuring them that we know what matters most to them."

So, what does matter most to consumers of electronics? From headphones and other tools for listening and learning to cameras and more to catch the perfect picture, there's something that's bound to please everyone.

Listen Up

Have you heard that vinyl has been making a comeback? (For some of us, it never went away.) Put a turntable in your program, and you are sure to appeal to more users than you might think, even if you are strictly a Spotify fan. But you can go beyond that and provide speakers, headphones and more—there are dozens of ways to meet the needs of your music-loving program participants.

The Sharp Stereo Turntable is a great choice for playing LPs, but it is more than that. It features Digital Album encoding and Editing direct to USB. Save your favorite albums in digital MP3 format and delete unwanted tracks if desired. Plus, USB connectivity for MP3 file playback plays MP3 files from your USB storage devices. Play 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records. Flexibility of record listening choices with the simple addition of the 45 RPM adapter and the push of a switch. Other features include auto power-off function, white backlight LCD, transparent plastic dust cover and more. Engineered with high-quality components workmanship, the RP-20 Turntable offers unmatchable performance and sound accuracy that are the signatures of Sharp engineering and Japanese standards.

Demanding workouts demand Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones. They're completely free of wires, so you'll enjoy complete freedom of movement. They're sweat- and weather-resistant, too. Bose StayHear+ Sport tips are designed to stay secure and comfortable all workout long. And the earbuds are packed full of technology that makes your music sound so clear and powerful, you'll push past your limits.

Easily connect to your music, home, sports news, weather and more with the sweeping sound of The Three Speaker from Klipsch, available through Rymax. Featuring the Google Assistant and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, this speaker is hands-free and voice-controlled, making it multi-room ready. Available exclusively through Rymax, this speaker boasts room-filling acoustics, professionally tuned stereo sound and a mid-century, modern design.