Editor's Desk - July/August 2015

The Power of Place

In a world where our professional and social lives are increasingly virtual—with jobs and social interaction increasingly taking place anytime, anywhere—we don't always notice the power of place. If your office skips around from the local coffee shop to an airport waiting area to the dining room table and so on, it's easy to forget that sometimes, place matters.

Recently, Bulova marked its 140 years as a timekeeping pioneer by moving its headquarters into the iconic Empire State Building in New York City. We congratulate them on the move, which gives the company a powerful and impressive place to call home.

"The new space is a perfect home for our expanding portfolio of watch brands, and signifies a new period of growth for the company," said Bulova President Gregory Thumm in a press release. "Moving back into the center of the fashion capital of the world provides us with a renewed energy and creative spirit while honoring our company's Manhattan origins."

The juxtaposition of the iconic and historic vs. the modern and more virtual is not just about place, but about all of the ways we anchor ourselves to daily life.

Everyone has their favorite places that inspire them or make them feel like they've come home. Most of us also have personal items that help us express who we are, that are essential to our day-to-day existence and interactions—those things that, when accidentally forgotten or left behind, we feel lost without.

One of the best ways to create a powerful reward is to give those who've earned the recognition an item like this—something they won't want to be without. It's the ultimate in trophy value: Give something that the recipient not only aspires to own, but that they also will enjoy showing off to their peers, family, friends and more.

Despite the fact that our lives are more and more lived in the virtual sphere, as human beings we crave the physical world: the face-to-face chat and handshake; the places that provide a sense of inspiration or peace; the accoutrements of daily life that express our personal creativity and style. Be sure to keep these things in mind when you approach programs to engage, motivate and inspire.


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,