Feature Article - July/August 2012

Recognition Roundtable

Corporate Goals, Personal Approach Key in Recognition Programs

By Deborah L. Vence

Hard work and commitment to a job deserve praise and commendation. Employees need to know they are noticed and recognized for their effort; that they, too, are striving toward the same goal as their superiors.

To reward employees, more companies have been using employee recognition programs, which are designed to motivate and acknowledge employees who go the extra mile and make a difference in a company.

In fact, according to the Recognition Council's 2011 white paper, "Fuel Prosperity with Strategic Recognition," " employee recognition can be a significant component of a strategy to attract, motivate and retain employees at relatively lower cost."

The report also stated that "A solid recognition and rewards program can enhance comprehensive recovery efforts that include reinstating employee benefits, revitalizing compensation plans and backfilling vacant positions. Because recognition and reward programs can be implemented fairly quickly, they can help knit recovering organizations back together, but they must be part of an overarching strategic recognition culture."

To further explore the significance of recognition programs, Premium Incentive Products magazine asked a roundtable of incentive industry professionals about their views on recognitions programs, their benefits and how even social media now is playing a role in these types of programs.

The experts who weighed in on these ideas, and more, were Chuck Dahlgren, president and CEO of Crystal D, a manufacturer and designer of crystal awards; Jay E. Donlin, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Newton Manufacturing Company, a Newton, Iowa-based promotional products distributor specializing in innovative advertising, performance and recognition solutions; Susan Adams, Special Initiatives director for Dittman Incentive Marketing, a New Brunswick, N.J.-based company that provides sales incentive programs, rewards and recognitions solutions using customizable online software (SaaS) to help companies realize immediate ROI; and Robbin Rouillard, vice president of engagement and recognition for Summit Group, a marketing services company based in Silver Spring, Md.