Feature Article - May/June 2012

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Trends in Digital Camera Incentives

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Digital cameras' broad appeal and continually updated technology make them a perennial favorite reward for just about everyone. No matter how old or young, whatever your tastes, there is a digital camera on the market that will please you.

Digital cameras, according to Shelly Colla, Premium Incentive Group sales manager for Sony Electronics Inc., have "broad audience appeal and the ability to fit within all budget ranges."

Heather Chevreau, special accounts manager for Fujifilm, agreed, and elaborated, "Photography is personal, and people want to entrust important memories on a digital camera. Digital cameras are effective as an award because it is not gender-specific. Both male and females, young or old want to capture their personal memories."

But when it comes to putting digital cameras in your program, you might feel you are in over your head, with such a wide array of features and price points available on the market. How do you know what will work best as a reward or incentive?

"It depends on your budget and audience," Colla said. "With so many products to choose from, there should be one to meet all of your program needs. If it is a lower price point program, a full-featured point-and-shoot camera is a great option. If you choose a higher budget, you may want to consider a DSLR or hybrid type product that offers the best features of point-and-shoot and DSLR."

"Incentive programs usually need a range of styles that have different price points because there are always different levels of recognition."

—Heather Chevreau, Fujifilm

Combining popular features such as larger display screens, optical zoom, the ability to shoot video as well as still photos and more with unique styles, the latest digital cameras are sure to please your target audience. If you're selecting digital cameras for a broader incentive program, you'll want to make sure you're offering a little bit of everything, as each individual will prefer something different, from the dad who wants something fast and functional to catch his kids in action at the soccer game to the aspiring photographer who wants to capture artsy shots.