Feature Article - May/June 2011

Capture the Moment

Digital Cameras To Motivate & Reward

By Emily Tipping

It's time. After all the hard work, all the waiting, all the time and energy spent encouraging your team to give it their all, the moment you've been waiting for has come. Your team has outstripped their peers and has performed far beyond expectations. And now is that special moment. The moment when you get to show them how much you appreciate all their effort. The moment when you hand them their reward for all that hard work.

You step in front of a room full of professionals—other managers, your team's co-workers and a handful of higher-ups who walk the talk and show how much they care about recognition. And at that moment, with your team arrayed before you and the whole room applauding, someone snaps a picture, perfectly capturing the moment.

Capturing moments is what digital cameras are all about—whether it's that presentation of the reward in the conference room, the granting of a high school diploma, a sunrise over the Atlantic or that first hard-won goal on the soccer field. So while you're celebrating that moment of appreciation and recognition, why not give your top-performing team members a reward that will allow them to capture all of their own meaningful moments?

This is one of the primary reasons that digital cameras make such a powerful reward: They are used. And they are used often.

But that's not the only reason. Digital cameras make a powerful motivator and a meaningful reward because even if your recipients already have one—and most of them probably do—the technology that drives them is constantly changing, continually evolving, and that means there's always something that will do the job better.