Guest Column - January/February 2009

Wellness Rewards That Fit the Bill

By Dana Slockblower


id you know that five of the top 10 New Year's resolutions are related to getting healthy? Whether it's losing weight, getting fit or stressing less, people are concerned about their health. It only makes sense to include rewards in your mix that will meet that demand.

The health craze is everywhere; we hear words now that many didn't think twice about 10 years ago: organic, high-fructose corn syrup, Pilates. Everyone is on the bandwagon, and if you're not, you should be.

Incentives have evolved from the "one size fits all" idea of earlier days. And it comes with a change in the reward recipient—people know what they want. They are educated on the latest trends and want what's new. And if it's "in," they want it. In mass quantities. They cannot be fooled with imitation brands or last year's model.

There will always be the reward staples like televisions, mp3 players and luggage sets. But to give your program an extra kick, include products that are unique and unexpected, like yoga mats, elliptical machines and woks. Wellness-related products work well in all types of reward programs, especially for employees.

Wellness at Work

Company-wide wellness programs have been picking up in popularity. For every $1 spent on the well-being of an employee, there is an ROI of $1.63. Keeping employees in top shape is a good idea across the board. It boosts productivity, reduces healthcare costs and helps with morale.

It's only natural to include health-related products in wellness programs. Give participants something to work toward that will help them reach their goals. Setting goals to reach more goals—it's a fantastic cycle of health.

And don't think that wellness products only appeal to the fitness buffs and health nuts. There are wide ranges of products that encourage healthful living for men and women of all ages, demographics and skill levels. Depending upon the goals of each individual, there are hundreds of products that will fit the bill.