Feature Article - May/June 2008

Electrify Your Motivation

21st Century Incentive Inspiration

By William Flanagan

or better or worse, these days everyone's a geek. Seniors, men, women and especially younger crowds and children are all interested in the hottest high-tech gear.

With all those people craving the latest and greatest gadgets, it's getting very crowded on the cutting edge. Thankfully, incentive planners welcome tech-savvy award-winners, and by populating their plans with the best tech devices, they should have no difficulty motivating them.

"There is never an age or gender that does not appreciate cutting-edge gadgetry," said Rick Magee, president of TMS-High Performance Sales, an incentive house developing the market for popular brands such as Mitsubishi, Hewlett-Packard, Yamaha Music and Yamaha Electronics. "When people win an award, of course they are always happy and glad they won, but when they win an award that is electronic, different or cutting-edge, it is very cool and the gratification is always on the "Wow!" side."

The main problem for planners—one they love to have—is the dizzyingly large selection of gear, gadgets and gizmos. From the big carrots (high-definition televisions) to the mini-motivators (PDAs), there's something that will appeal to every program participant.

"Electronics are the products that offer the newest innovations and tend to always be on the cutting edge of technology, i.e., the new HDTVs and flat screens," said Tim Shannon of Audiovox. "Generally these products garner the headlines in print publications and on the television news programs. They're new and fresh. But while many people desire to have the latest gadgets, they're reluctant to buy them for themselves. However, when they are featured in award and incentive programs, redemption is very high."