Feature Article - March/April 2008

Green Motivations

Incorporating Eco-Friendly Merchandise Into Your Program

By Emily Tipping

Promoting Green

There are many ways you can promote your new green approach in your program catalog and communication materials. You can use e-mail blasts to highlight specific brands' green efforts, or you can create an entire eco-friendly section.

"We've been trying to do a lot of little tie-ins," said Dana Slockbower, director of marketing for Rymax Marketing Services Inc. "One example is asking people to put 'Please do not print. Save a tree.' at the end of their communication plans or e-blasts."

If you want to make a bigger splash, use Earth Day—which falls on April 22—to do a special promotion. The earth-friendly message will be present in people's minds, and you can reinforce your own message by tying your program into an Earth Day event or promotion.

Slockbower suggests offering a discount to people who select green-friendly products on Earth Day.

"Do a supplement to your own program on Earth Day to make people more aware."

You can also take advantage of the connection between the health of your people and the health of the planet by connecting the two in your wellness incentive program materials. People who are focused on their health are motivated by environmentally friendly products, Slockbower said. Look for earth-friendly products that help support them as they reach their healthy-living goals.