Feature Article - January/February 2008

The Great Outdoors

Recreation Equals Motivation

By William Flanagan

For the seasons

Of course, the seasonal aspect of outdoor sports and activities cannot be understated. Autumn is a time for football and tailgating, and hiking and camping to take in the changing leaves. Winter folks enjoy skiing and skating. In spring, the fish start biting, and kayakers and whitewater rafters know the melting season is at hand. And then there's always the "boys of summer," looking to play nine innings under the sun.

Everyone has their favorite season , and incentive recipients are no different. Summer incentive programs are the perfect time to shoot for winter gear such as skis (downhill or cross-country), snowboards and snowshoes, while winter programs allow your company's best and brightest to gear up for fishing season or summer kayaking fun. Golfers, of course, have many favorite seasons, depending on where they live and where they can travel. (To find out more about offering golf-related incentives, turn to "Player's Choice" on page 26.)

But Top Brands' Knollenberg makes an important point when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, which is that not everyone is out there for the sports, or even for their health. Some are simply looking for a little recreation and relaxation.

"Our brands are just that: recreational, not sports-related," she said. "Participants do not have to be athletic to enjoy fishing, biking and camping. Of course, to enjoy our products it helps to enjoy the outdoors, but I think there is a different between the 'outdoors type' and 'enjoying the outdoors.'"

In other words, in one way or another, everyone is the outdoors type.

Promotions Pop a Wheelie

When you're talking promotions, you know that the demanding marketplace requires a bolder, more active approach to build brand visibility. Making a lasting impression is the goal of every promotional campaign. Why not try to obtain that objective by thinking health—by thinking quality of life?

Bike USA offers customized wheels of all kinds—bicycles, scooters, skateboards, electric ride-ons, sports balls and helmets. You can provide artwork and allow Bike USA's team to design renditions that will reflect the creativity you're looking for.